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What is the American Spirit?

Let me quote Carly Fiorina, who is wanting to replace Senator Barbara Boxer in California. I think she describes the “American Spirit” best.

“I believe every person has enormous potential if they are given the freedom and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. With all the challenges we face as a nation, it’s easy to become dispirited. But we are Americans, and when things get tough, we never lose sight of what makes ours the greatest country in the world – our soul and our spirit. . .Carly Fiorina”

The American Spirit began with those who settled this nation.

Early settlers had to fight in order to survive the challenges this land presented to them. They had to tame the land first and then develop a cooperative relationship with the natives before they could prosper in America. As if these challenges were not enough, they had to fight against England’s attempts to claim America for themselves. In addition, they had to deal with high taxation and tariffs that England placed on them for everything brought to America.

It was the strength of character these people had that made this country what it is today. Without these struggles, we would not have all that we have today. Because the early settlers learned to survive the land and the challenges it presented to them, we have a toughened spirit that gives us the strength we need to overcome whatever challenge we face today–it’s embedded in us.

America Has Survived Great Challenges

America has survived wars, food lines, and the ruthless days of the “Old Wild West”.

We have made it through hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and natural disasters that challenge any society.

We have survived the “Great Depression”, the assassination of Presidents, the “Bay of Pigs” with Cuba, and the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union–along with fears of a nuclear attack.

We have almost overcome the iniquities of racism, if Democrat politicians would quit using it as a tool in their campaign arsenal in order to influence allegiance to their Party and separate people from the Republican Party.

Because it works so well, Alleged Racism Claims always come from Democrats pointing to Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party Members, and anyone else they want to discredit. They would rather use race to influence situations in their favor than allow us to heal from past evils (see Despicable Human Beings and Tired of Being Called a Racist?). Racism is divisive, pits people against each other, and creates contention in our hearts instead of love and togetherness.

America Is Unique

We are a nation of many cultures, beliefs, and talents. It is this variety that makes Americans unique. However, we need to do better in uniting as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” instead of sticking to oursleves.

In order to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD, we need to quit the divisiveness we have among us and the separation of cultures.  It is good to maintain our own culture but not at the exclusion of others.

We Need Each Other

How can we have a true American Spirit and be ONE NATION if we cannot take care of our own who are in need?

How can we have a genuine American Spirit when there are those among us that struggle but we don’t know about it because we don’t know what is going on in our own community?

Since my near death experience in July, 2010 I have an increased desire to do what I can to unite people instead of dividing us. How can we conquer the evils we live in when we try to do it alone? We need each other, and we need the strength and power that comes through unity and numbers.

The truth is, we have some scary days ahead of us, we can see the hand writing on the wall. We will really need each other in the future.

I want us to try to be more involved in our communities and know the needs of those we can help when we do it together. Please check out http://RdayConsulting.com to learn more about this topic. Also, see Community Spirit, Examples of Community Spirit, Become a Grove of Trees.

May we maintain the American Spirit that made this nation strong and admired by other nations is my prayer for America.

May we overcome our temptation to think of only ourselves and our own suffering and forget there are others who are suffering as well.

May we reach out to others and provide the services they need.

May we use our talents and skills to bless the lives of others within our community and the nation.

May we get a stronger backbone and stand up to those who want to destroy America, and stand up to those who espouse racism and divisiveness.

I pray that we will all do all these things, that we will do our part in building up America again, and that we will ignite the American Spirit in others around us.

Tell our children about what America is all about, about what makes it special, and about what values America stands for.  Explain patriotism to them and why we love the flag.

Personal Record of History

We need to start writing in a journal about what we see going on in our nation right now and how we feel about it. Write it in poetry or song if you like, but in some way record your own version of history.

Do you realize that there is a lot of history that can’t be read in a history book or taught in schools but only comethrough personal records? Your records may be the only unadulterated record of history, before the liberals get their hands on it and change it.

Teach your children to record their own version of history as well. Their view of history is invaluable to future generations. I remember recording the death of President Kennedy in my journal, I was in high school at the time.

You are living in an exciting time right now. We have our first Afro-American President. That in itself is history in the making. You are also living in a time when the American people have learned to rise up and restore America to the people and end corruption in government.

We are living in a time when information and technology are on overdrive. Record all that in your journal. It is exciting. Who knows what might be available in the future. I think of living without FAX Machines, emails, Beepers, Cell Phones and Cordless Extension Phones. Then we discovered, cell phones with camera’s and computers on them.

Record all these wonderful things that are happening right now. This history will be treasured by your progenitors.  You can tell the story from a perspective that no one else can duplicate, telling your personal experiences and attitudes will make it unique.

Knowing Our Neighbor Provides Safety

When we learn to love our neighbors and care about what they think, feel, and do. We will know about their needs and also safety risks so we can take appropriate actions. Without knowing our neighbors, we will not be able to affect the world around us. Not knowing what goes on in neighborhoods and the community puts us at a disadvantages and makes us vulnerable to the elements that affect our families.

In Summary

Could you please take what I’ve said under consideration and do what you feel you can to educate your family, write in your journal, instill more community spirit around you, and know more about your community?

I would really enjoy hearing your stories. I am sure others will benefit from them as well.

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