Face of America

Protect Democracy and Our Way of Life

Teach Patriotism

Please Teach Patriotism To Your Youth

This is what America is all about. Independence from England to stand on our own feet. It is Freedom to be what we want to be by establishing the type of government that we want. This video shows you what I see and what I feel when I think of our Founding Fathers and what they and those who fought in the revolution to give us the freedom we have today. I hope you see what I see and feel what I feel when you watch the following videos.

Our Children are Taught The Founding Fathers Did Not Believe In God.What Do You Think?

The American Revolutionary War That Made America Free

Hallelujah- The Patriot          Warning: Shows Killings

This Is What It Took To Be Free and Gain Our Independence! Don’t let sedition take it from us!  Warning: Shows Killings, Yes War is Hell But Sometimes Necessary.

Battle Hymn of The Republic

These videos should give you enough to talk about with your family. Please discuss Patriotism, the importance of the flag to Americans, and why our Constitution is favored above all other forms of government.


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