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Despicable Human Beings

I am tired of politicians using racism as a tool to separate people from the Republican Party, TEA Party efforts, and states trying to protect citizens from ILLEGAL immigration. Politicians who do this are despicable human beings and obviously have no conscience.

Using racism as a political tool is NOT “politics as usual”, as some people would have you think. This tactic is way out of bounds of ethical and we need to hold the offenders accountable!

The problem is the Elite in government who believe the peasants (that’s us) are easily influenced. They think that we can be manipulated to believe as they want us to believe and think as they tell us to think. We must inform them that they are wrong.

We are NOT ignorant and are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves. With 24/7 access to the Internet and live reports, we find out what politicians do not want us to know. This is why they want control of the Internet, so they can control the information that we access.

We need to tell politicians who use racism as a tool that we know what they are doing, that we are offended by its use, and that we won’t tolerate it any longer. Even more important, they need to know that we think it is despicable to suggest racism when they know it’s a lie!

What type of person will use the evil of racism as a tool to divide people for political gain? It just goes to show that the Party using it is desperate and feels a need to use everything in their arsenal to reverse people’s attitudes toward them.

Being desperate is one thing, but hitting below the belt by accusing racism when they know it isn’t is shameful. I noticed the Democrat Party started doing this in the 2000 elections. They made claims that the Republican Party were racists because they tried to get in the way of black voters, which was completely a lie.

During that same time frame, I read a report by Associated Press that the Democrat Party told people to make racism claims, even if they had to lie, and say that Republicans tried to prevent them from voting. They stated that, even if it wasn’t true, to insinuate racism was enough.

I was disturbed by this report so I wrote to twenty-five newspaper editors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I asked them to investigate racism claims and the supposed attempts of Democrats to sway votes by making false claims. I never heard a word back from any of them.

Then again we heard racism claims in the 2004 and 2008 elections. Although Obama’s race worked well for him in the 2008 elections, now the party thinks we are ignorant enough to believe race is the reason people disagree with him now.

Since when is it racism to disagree with a sitting President of the U.S.? The answer is, since Obama became President; even though race is what elected him. This just proves that race is used as a tool to persuade people or inflame situations.

Racism is unacceptable from any group of people, especially from politicians. It is an evil that only we can stop! Politicians using it as a tool make it much harder for the nation to get past injustices of the past. This is what makes these actions so despicable.

President Obama being black is NOT what has people upset with him today. They are angry about what he is doing to the country in only sixteen months and about being “hell bent” on fulfilling his vision for America–even though it is against the “Will of The People”. Also, they are angry because Democrat Representatives and the President have stopped listening to constituents.

The way to turn things around is to become informed citizens. Well-informed citizens know the truth and recognize when politicians use “spin” to cover up their deeds or to change the focus; in other words, they play the shell game.

The shell game is used to misdirect the observation of participants and fool them into believing the object (a pea, walnut, or acorn) is in one place when it is some place else. Being well-informed is the only way to prevent playing the shell game, reverse the situation, and change the direction of our nation.

It could very well be that false racism accusations can actually bring people together and bind us as a well-knit nation. Once people understand that race is NOT the real issue and that it is being used to divide us, they will see the immorality of such efforts. Recognizing this fact will hopefully be the demise of Liberal/Progressive Democrat’s reign and allow “Blue Dog” Democrats to surface again.

This is not suggesting that Republicans are the answer to current problems, they contributed a great deal to the situation, or that the TEA Party is an alternative to a two-party system. It means we need to pay closer attention to politics and become more involved, perhaps more than in the past, even when it may not be comfortable for us to do so.

We reached this point because too many of us have been complacent about our responsibilities or have turned our votes into a popularity contest. This type of irresponsibility has to stop! We need to be accountable and do the right thing now to change the situation we’ve created.

One way to be more accountable is to take a stand on protecting the values and principles on which the “Founding Fathers” established this nation. It will help if we remember that General Washington, who became President, said he accomplished what he did through the intervention of a supreme power. It is this same power that we need to intervene now.

Obviously, our nation has gone off track. We need to get back to our roots and adhere to past standards that made us a great and admirable nation. In addition, integrity in politics needs to be restored and choose representatives that hold firmly to core standards that represent a healthy society.

Drawing the line on how far politicians can go will stop the practice of hitting below the belt to win elections and tell past offenders that such actions in the future will be unacceptable.

The Democrat Party being desperate now is a good sign. It shows that they are vulnerable and that they recognize it…not that knowing this will change their bad behavior into good.

The bottom line here is that WE AS A UNITED FRONT must accept our own responsibility and, to the best of our abilities, help ourselves out of the hole we’ve dug before we are buried by the consequences. We owe that much to God, to those who died to give us the freedom we enjoy today, to those who are dieing now, and to future generations.

Remember these things in November when you make your decision to vote, and recognize that how you vote will impact the nation as a whole.

May God bless America, may it continue to be the Land of The Free and Home of The Brave.

May we have the courage to vote according to our conscience instead of by popularity or to grant selfish desires.

May we be given power of discernment so we see through the ploys of politicians and recognize their true intentions of the heart.

I pray that we may have the desire to change and that we will have the insight needed to make the changes that need to be made.

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Agree To Disagree

I appreciate the comment below from a reader. I would like to hear from more of you – even if we disagree with each other.  I suspect this reader’s comment represents many of you.  Therefore, I am posting it and then adding my response afterwards.  Please feel free to comment as well, but keep insults and inflammatory comments to yourselves.

Where were you for the past 8 years of unfunded spending and no regulation that put a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit on the White House door step from BUSH?
Where were you for the past 8 years of unfunded spending and no regulation that put a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit on the White House door step from BUSH?

Only morons buy this crap from people who trash Obama and then go home for picture ops giving away the money they screamed about in Washington.

Your ignorance is world class
Only morons buy this crap from people who trash Obama and then go home for picture ops giving away the money they screamed about in Washington.

Your ignorance is world class

My Comment:

I agree with you that our government has a huge spending problem! As a result, I’ve been very active in the past and present in objecting to government spending; although, during President Bush’s time, I believed it was probably necessary in appropriately responding to terrorists.

I hope you will look over an earlier report: “Did Obama Inherit a Huge Deficit From Bush.” You will see the numbers and notice that money spent by President Obama, while he has been in office for just a little over a year now, has already tripled in his short time – compared to the amount in the 8 years that Bush spent.

However, keep in mind that President Bush had a Democrat Majority in Congress back in 2005 to 2008, just as President Obama has had for the past thirteen months. As you know, Congress is the one who actually controls the budget; the President requests money and Congress grants it. That means neither Bush nor Obama can be totally blamed for the spending that Congress has done. This is why Congress needs to be changed! Those we allow to stay in Congress must possess the courage and a backbone to stand up for what is right and return government to the values and principles that made this country a powerful nation.

I like President Obama the man, but I greatly disagree with his policies and that of the Democrat majority in Congress. I also disagree with their vision for America. What many of us see is a government that is way out of line and is not adhering to the Constitution. Many of us believe that they are destroying our way of life.

My objection is not toward Obama the man, but his policies and vision for America. President Obama himself and his beautiful wife and adorable family are very likable; he is a cute dad too. However, no matter how much we like him as a person or a father, we cannot elect a President because he is likable. We elect him because we believe he is the best man for the job.

Although being likable is important, we need to be responsible when we elect government officials. Whether or not we like them as a person, it shouldn’t keep us from objecting to their policies and the job they are doing in Washington. Trust me, I’ve been very forthright in telling my representatives my concerns and the same thing when Republicans send me surveys in the mail or call me on the phone for money (I tell them money won’t fix their problems…they had better get a backbone and start representing us the way we expect them to).

What we see going on in government is no longer a Democrat or Republican problem, both parties have been guilty of neglecting the American People and the Values that are the fabric of our Constitution. Nevertheless, the problem now is we jumped from the frying pan into the fire in 2008 by replacing Republicans with Democrats; it just made the problem worse. We need to take back our country from every single politician who does not uphold the Constitution and the foundation that made this country strong only a few decades ago!

We cannot fight among ourselves over political parties, because all of us will lose then. All patriots, no matter the party, race, or creed, need to unite as one nation to regain what has been lost. Can we just agree to disagree and then work together to take back our country from those who are not protecting the values that made America great?

America has lost the respect of other nations, our credit is a disaster, and no country wants to loan us money. One bright light for America is when the country goes bankrupt, the government will be debt free! Government may be sitting pretty but that will not protect its citizens from the consequences. In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if going bankrupt is the plan in Washington, as they keep spending like there is no tomorrow! If that happens, it will be a disaster for most every American.

The point is, although we may disagree about many things (religion, abortion, gay rights, the economy, health care, the war on terrorism, etc.) “We The People” have much in common. For instance, we enjoy our way of life and we want to protect it. We also want to feel safe and secure.  As it stands now, most American’s don’t feel this way right now.

Together we can change what we can change, and what we can’t change, we need to depend on each other – especially when things turn bad. We will all be in the same boat if the government goes bankrupt! It won’t matter if we are a Democrat, a Republican, a supporter of President Obama, or whoever is in office at that time. The truth is, all there will be then that we can rely on is our families, friends, and neighbors. That is the type of country I want to live in. What about you?

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