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The Constitution is precious to most Americans.

  • It represents everything we hold dear.
  • It represents the ultimate price paid by those in the past and those who still fight today to protect what that piece of paper represents.
  • It represents the sacrifices made on our behalf so we can enjoy the benefits of living in a free society.

What is now challenged by a liberal Congress is freedom of religion, freedom to believe in God as we choose, and freedom to speak openly about things that others die for saying in other lands. They want to silence the conservative voice on television, radio, and public venues.

It is the conservative voice that is in opposition to the liberal movement in Congress, so the plan is to illiminate the opposition. My friend, that is not Democracy if this happens. We have to support the efforts of those who are trying to protect the Constitution and the standards it represents. We cannot allow this liberal Congress to get away with destroying the Constitution and our way of life. 

We’ve been the model that other nations have tried to emulate for years, but recently that has changed. We have become an arrogant and narcissistic people, which has earned us the name “The Ugly American”. In other words, we’ve become self-absorbed as a nation and so we are hated instead of being a role model. 

In addition, some judges are passing laws in a few states that are in complete defiance of laws that govern their states (which were voted on by the people of that state and passed and made it law). Now this defiance is affecting the nation as a whole. What we have now is various movements that consist of minority groups who think their needs supersede the Constitution. In fact, they believe the the Constitution is outdated and no longer represent their positions.

Special interest groups are resolute in seeing their position supported legally, even to the extent that they are willing to exploit today’s laws and the Constitution in order to have their way. As a result, in some of these cases, they have successfully taken from the complacent majority specific factors that the Founding Fathers deliberately put in place when drawing up the Constitution. These factors were specifically designed to protect individual rights for all people (not just a few).  So does the end justify the means? No, it does not and we should know that!

Exploiting the law is achieved through a tool named “discrimination”. Relax, I’m not talking about a woman’s right to vote, or discrimination of Afro-Americans or other ethnic groups, or for all people to be treated humanely. This discussion is about minority groups forcing the majority to accept some beliefs and/or specific lifestyle choices (not human rights) that most of society deems unacceptable or is against the majority’s values and belief system. Obviously, this explains why there is such great effort to remove God from public voice. But God is part of the Constitution and the fabric of this nation and that is why people are fighting to uphold this part of the Constitution.

Of course, the word ”discrimination” is used whenever somebody wants to manipulate the system, to confound the issues or to change the wording to be more general and broad. This word ”discrimination” is also used to break existing laws or challenge them in order to satisfy special interests.

People like this, those who use the word ”discrimination” to manipulate the system, are not only interested in forcing their personal beliefs on everyone, but they also want to force their lifestyle on us as well; and, they are willing to do almost anything to reach this goal. I sympathize with their desire to live as they please, every human has that right, but they do not have the right to destroy the laws of this nation in order to get what they want (to force the majority to accept what is in direct contradiction to their ethics and moral beliefs). 

The Constitution gives people the right to defend their rights that the founding father died to protect. Those rights are NOT guaranteed when attempting to trample the rights of people as a whole to believe as they may and protect the foundation upon wjich this country was built. 

In conclusion, let me point out one more time that we must make every effort to protect the Constitution. It is the fabic upon which this country is held together, and upon which made this country an admirable nation. If that fabric is compromised or corrupted, then the fibers that hold us together as one nation under God will corrode and fall apart. That thought makes me very upset, and I wonder if it does you as well. I’d love to hear from you on this point.

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300px-declaration_independence2 The choice to embrace God (or not to) and share our faith with others as a source of strength is the gift of freedom that the founding fathers fought to establish. I appreciate the right to share and exercise my faith, especially when I see the suffering of others who do not have this right. It is upon this foundation that the fabric of our Constitution is formed. brave souls have sacrificed a great deal to protect this right. I am forever indebted to all those who gave so much, enduring great difficulties and hardships to keep this freedom alive and strong for all of us to enjoy today. We cannot allow the tendency of a few (especially judges) to subvert the privilege of exercis-ing our faith. Of course, we let them do that when we will not stand up for ourselves. We can help protect this right by voting and by sending letters to our representatives. Part of our nation’s pledge, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” means so much to most Americans. It reflects the many sacrifices made on our behalf. We must never forget what this pledge means to us who live in a land where all citizens can enjoy this freedom. We should respect and even revere their sacrifices. We need to remember the enormous price that paid for the freedom we now profit from, and that our future generations will benefit from as well. May God help us if we ever come to the point that we forget or show a blatant disregard for the significance of this pledge or, heaven forbid, we neglect to show an allegiance to the United States of America. This is why we must be united in protecting our freedom. Nevertheless, if we become neglectful or complacent about this right, I trust that somehow God will re-mind us of the price tag for this privilege.

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