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We’re Take’n Back America

We’ve been asleep at the wheel for far too long and now we are about ready to crash if we don’t wake up quickly. We have to do something right now before everything this country has been to us will be gone. Those of us older than 40 years old know what I’m talking about. They remember how America used to be and the values that have been lost today. Our children and grandchildren depend on us right now to protect what we have lost and pass on something worthwhile to the future. What future do our children have right now if we do nothing?

Is this situation what our Forefathers feared would happen? Is this what they fought and died for? Is this what our fathers, grandfathers, and brothers died to protect in previous wars? Is this what our men and women are fighting for RIGHT NOW around the world, as we sit here in our plush war homes and drive our nice cars and eat nice meals?

Well, I’m sorry but this just isn’t good enough for me. I remember America 50 years ago, and I remember the way it used to be –before Democrats forgot who they serve, and Republicans got greedy. The youth don’t know the America that we know. They don’t know what they’ve lost, but we do. We know that they deserve more than what they are inheriting now, don’t we? l, very controlling and outright loss of freedom planned for us! Can’t you see it? Can’t you stop long enough to read between the lines?

Whatever way of life we live now, it is nothing like we will have if we take the bate and fall for the garbage being told to us by the Democrats. If you believe they are telling you the truth then you’ve been brain washed, because they are telling us the biggest lies ever before told by politicians from the past. They have evil, very controlling and outright loss of freedom planned for us! Can’t you see it? Can’t you stop long enough to read between the lines?

This is no longer “Politics as Usual” and a question between Democrats and Republicans. It is a matter of evil versus lessor evil. Let’s clean out the Democrats and get back the House, and then we can work on cleaning out the Republicans.

Just remember that a vote against Republican or no vote at all, is a vote for the Democrats and more loss of rights and freedom. You have to see this before we’ve lost everything we hold dear. NO MORE POLITICS AS USUAL. THIS IS NOW SURVIVAL!

I want to hear from you if you don’t agree with this video. I promise, I’ll be nice. I just want to know your thoughts on this!

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Be In Harmony With Government

cid__1_3347850137web82805_mail_mud_yahoo  Currently, the main problem I see is that government and the people are not functioning in harmony with each other, and they have not been for a long time.
The government must be in harmony with its citizens before it and society can be at peace. This means that the governmental system must be in harmony with all its parts for peace to exist in the soul of society.

As a rule, I really hate it when people say: “It’s only politics as usual.” One example of this is filibustering! It makes my blood boil when parties filibuster to prevent a vote that was sent to the floor for their approval, especially when there are a number of signatures on a petition in order to be in front of them in the first place. They do not even have the courtesy to hear discussions on the subject or to take a vote. Instead, they have a routine that looks like a silly dance to me, that keeps them from having to vote on a bill they don’t want to pass.  I just cannot understand how that can be called serving the people they represent.

Another example is when President Bush sent nominees to Congress for approval to the Supreme Court. How Congress can justify a filibuster to prevent a vote on a respectable candidate to the Supreme Court is beyond me. I do not see how that serves the people’s interests. What I see is that it’s serving only politician’s interests.

Congress must be required to vote up or down. Period! No more games! Some people wait years for approval or none approval! Now that is just plain rediculous! When you see things like this that you disagree with, please call your congressional representatives and let them know you object to their shenanigans?

With all the things we see going on now, we must become more active in protecting our way of life. We need to fight to take back our rights, and to have our interests taken seriously. Tell Congress that you expect them to represent you better than that and that you plan to hold them accountable.

One caller can make a difference when enough people express their views. Politicians consider that one caller is representing a specified number of people. That means your call could equal as many as 100 callers. Keep that in mind the next time you think about making a call. Please do it! Make the call!

I also find it interesting that Congress finds it necessary to pass policy behind closed doors (and in the middle of the night) when the press and the people are not watching them. It makes us wonder what they have to hide from us. One example of this is the policy they finally passed (named after Senator Durbon), where they are trying to hush the conservative voice on TV and talk radio. When they succeed in quieting the radio and TV conservatives, then they quiet their opposition.  And they call that free speach and a democracy? Right?

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