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We’ve been asleep at the wheel for far too long and now we are about ready to crash if we don’t wake up quickly. We have to do something right now before everything this country has been to us will be gone. Those of us older than 40 years old know what I’m talking about. They remember how America used to be and the values that have been lost today. Our children and grandchildren depend on us right now to protect what we have lost and pass on something worthwhile to the future. What future do our children have right now if we do nothing?

Is this situation what our Forefathers feared would happen? Is this what they fought and died for? Is this what our fathers, grandfathers, and brothers died to protect in previous wars? Is this what our men and women are fighting for RIGHT NOW around the world, as we sit here in our plush war homes and drive our nice cars and eat nice meals?

Well, I’m sorry but this just isn’t good enough for me. I remember America 50 years ago, and I remember the way it used to be –before Democrats forgot who they serve, and Republicans got greedy. The youth don’t know the America that we know. They don’t know what they’ve lost, but we do. We know that they deserve more than what they are inheriting now, don’t we? l, very controlling and outright loss of freedom planned for us! Can’t you see it? Can’t you stop long enough to read between the lines?

Whatever way of life we live now, it is nothing like we will have if we take the bate and fall for the garbage being told to us by the Democrats. If you believe they are telling you the truth then you’ve been brain washed, because they are telling us the biggest lies ever before told by politicians from the past. They have evil, very controlling and outright loss of freedom planned for us! Can’t you see it? Can’t you stop long enough to read between the lines?

This is no longer “Politics as Usual” and a question between Democrats and Republicans. It is a matter of evil versus lessor evil. Let’s clean out the Democrats and get back the House, and then we can work on cleaning out the Republicans.

Just remember that a vote against Republican or no vote at all, is a vote for the Democrats and more loss of rights and freedom. You have to see this before we’ve lost everything we hold dear. NO MORE POLITICS AS USUAL. THIS IS NOW SURVIVAL!

I want to hear from you if you don’t agree with this video. I promise, I’ll be nice. I just want to know your thoughts on this!

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Sovereinty Of America At Risk

I love this country and what it stands for, and I love the heritage that is the foundation of our patriotism. Although I see patriotism fading in our youth, there are still plenty of Americans who still feel very patriotic.
However, along with patriotism comes sovereignty of our nation. I am concerned because it appears we are on the verge of losing our sovereignty.

Again I must ask the question, “Is this the change Americans expected when they voted in Obama?” President Obama has an agenda for sure, and he is wasting little time implimenting programs that most of Americans are starting to wake up to and the reality of seeing his true colors; hopefully they wake up before it’s too late.

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II thought you might find this very interesting; it’s my response to a comment that I received today.

Submitted on 2009/09/05 at 7:50pm: Blind obedience and blind hate is symbolized in your non analytical understanding of the world we live in. You and your kind are rapidly becoming extinct because you will not be able to cope in a world of common sense and scientific understanding!

Here is my reponse back to this person:

What are you talking about “Blind obedience and hate”? Where did that come from. Your nasty response is way out of context, so it appears you are the one who is full of hate. Aren’t you glad you have the right to speak out like this?

The point I was trying to make is that, if people like you continue to ignore what’s happening in America, your very words could end up being censored [by government] or worse! Did you know that Obama is already planning for a rebellion? Did you know that he is already planning how to use the military to enact Marshall Law? Did you know he has already sent helicopters over towns to test the response of the military on neighborhoods? Did you know that he is already preparing concentration camps in America for the American citizenry? Did you know that the czars he’s set up have more power now than ever before in history, to change America, to be worse than socialism but an absolute totalitarian government?

Non of what I just said is a lie or stretching the truth. Unfortunately, it is the absolute truth. It’s already happening. I got an email from a friend about the CARS program and instantly, the person who sent it was blocked. I couldn’t even delete his emails. There was nothing seditious about what he said, and yet he was blocked for that harmless email. The email subject read “WARNING WARNING WARNING: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE CARS PROGRAM”. In addition, Glenn Beck’s video that shows the government’s own website for people to go for the program and shows what they [had] the nerve to do, was suddenly shut down.

The problem with people like you is that you are the ones who are blind and refuse to accept [simply] questioning government’s motives [is] a legitimate concern [you] instead, see it as hate and many call it racism. Funny how people like you have the habit of turning the tables to make you appear to be the victims instead of democracy and the American people being victims of government. Someday you may find out that you were sorely [mistaken and] in need of an attitude adjustment. This type of hatred is way out of acceptability and unwarranted.

Mark my words, there will be rioting in the streets because of this very type of hatred and intolerance. The situation we face in America today is not about Hate, Race, a Black President or White or brown or yellow, and it’s not about Democrats and Republicans any more. It’s going to be about the very intolerance you represent. I don’t normally respond to rude people like this. I usually tone it down and say “thank you for your comments and I appreciate your thoughts.” However, this time is much different. America is in deep trouble. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that and the American people are starting to wise up. . . they’re finally starting to get what I’ve been warning about since 2005. Your intolerance, close mindedness, your hateful response just proves what I’ve been saying all along.

Anyway, in spite of the nasty attitude, I do thank you for your comment. Because of what you said, I am learning to not be so accepting of this type of ignorant attitude. I don’t expect people to always agree with me, it’s obvious that people will have a different opinion than me. As such, I do occasionally get contrary comments, but I decided tonight that I will no longer quietly accept an nasty attitude like yours without responding to it. I am now going to speak my mind unfeathered.

It’s things like the spending spree from this administration, Congress totally ignoring what the people have to say and doing what they want anyway (giving themselves more and more power and lining their pockets with money from places like ACORN and Freddy Mac/Fanny Mae), the healthcare plan that is obviously a scary program, the clunker cars program with hidden government confiscation rights, the Senate bill and house bills 875 and 425 (plus others like these) to control growing our food, the government bailout (another word for takeover because they were vulnerable and not because they needed to be saved by government) and ownership of our banks, mortgage companies, title companies, and insurance companies, as well as an automobile company, and whatever else is on the horizon, should concern you very much! It should concern every American who holds dear the sovereignty of this nation and the freedoms our forefathers fought to give us and our loved ones are still fighting to protect now. The fact that you don’t seem to appreciate their sacrifices and what’s at risk is a huge warning sign of what is to come in our near future. Things are truly heating up…the day of reckoning is near.

Like I said, I don’t usually comment with so much venom but this times is different. I am so tired of people who make statements like this without having an understanding of what’s at stake. We are now in a very dangerous time in history.

Please, if you don’t understand what all the fuss is about and why people are having TEA Parties and speaking out, then do some serious and honest research on your own. Like the commenter said, don’t follow blindly.

We are not just risking turning into a Socialist country, we are risking much worse than that. The people President Obama has around him as advisors (Czars) and dangerously thinking people. I am not going to expound on that, I already sound like a nut case, so that is something you need to look up yourself. You will see who has a background in Communism and believes devoutly in communism. You will see who wants to put human steralizing agents into the water so government can limit off-spring. You will see who wants to put agents into the atmostphere to cool down the planet because they think doing so would reduce planet warming, yet what it will likely do is cause an event like the one that killed off the dinosaurs.

See the following sites for more information:

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(Because Horowitz was raised by communist parents and he was once a communist, he should understand what the risk is with this administration. He is very vocal about the future of America because of where he has been and from where he has come. In my opinion, we should listen and take heed.)


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Unholy alliance: radical Islam and the American left – Google Books Result

by David Horowitz – 2004 – Political Science – 296 pages

As a former Leftist radical, Horowitz is perfectly placed to diagnose, and denounce the hypocrisy and danger of the American Left. books.google.com/books?isbn=089526076X

News results for david horowitz

Video: David Horowitz discusses the radical force behind the Obama …12 hours ago If you missed the David Horowitz interview on last night’s Glenn Beck Show, I embedded it at the bottom of this article for you to take a look at. Examiner.com

If you missed the David Horowitz interview on last night’s Glenn Beck Show, I embedded it at the bottom of this article for you to take a look at. Of all the political commentators discussing Van Jones and the other radicals in the Obama Administration, Horowitz, a former 60’s radical and former communist himself, is probably in the best position to explain the significance of the radical left’s current control of the White House.

As Horowitz points out, there are liberal Democrats – such as Joe Lieberman – who you can agree with or disagree with policy-wise, but who are still in favor of an America that resembles, at least somewhat, that envisioned by our forefathers. And then there are radical liberals – such as Van Jones – who believe that America’s political and economic systems are inherently racist and oppresive, and whose ultimate goal is to overthrow those systems and to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Frontpagemag.com’s Ben Johnson pointed out yesterday that Color of Change, the organization Van Jones co-founded, popularized the belief that Hurricane Katrina was a conspiracy orchestrated by George W. Bush. Color of Change’s campaign to censure Bush claimed[h]e knew about the levees, and he knew about the Superdome. But he did nothing.” That Obama appointed Jones to any position in his administration says alot about the direction in which Obama plans to take the country.


I watched this program and tapped it because the information is so important for us to know.

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My Final Word

My final word is a video by Rush Limbaugh. Rush makes sense a lot of times and then sometimes, he gets a little strange. I am sure you will see what I mean in his video, as shown below. The reason I put it here is because he has some facts that come straight from the government’s Associated Press that I think has merit in this discussion. I hope you will listen to it, until close to the end when he starts ranting, and then you decide if I am a nut case or not.


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