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The Future

Clinton speaking to the Party of Socialist Europeans, Socialist European praises Barack’s change and chants Barack’s “Yes We Can.” Howard Dean urging America to join in with the European Socialist Party.
Watch this video to see Americans Democratic Socialist Party. WE HAVE TO STOP THEM AT ANY COST!


March 2012:  America’s At The Threshold of Chaos And The End Of America As We Know It!

Bet You Missed This Announcement! Yes, You Should Be Worried! How Much More Do You Need to Know Before You Believe It?  Stop Waiting and Get Prepared NOW!

Add the above announcement to this one:  Obama Signs Peace Time Martial Law by Executive Order

Why, what does he have in mind and what does he know that we don’t?

Could this be why he signed that Executive Order?

Now check out these headlines and videos then tell me what you think is on the horizon?

  • Jim Rogers – 2012 to 2015  Uploaded by  on Mar 21, 2012   For the latest Jim Rogers, go to http://JimRogersBlog.com Jim Rogers is a guest today on the Everything Financial Radio program.

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