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We Are The Face of America

I hope people will think about how America is portrayed around the world when they criticize our nation and her President.

Hey, I am one who objects sometimes to the President’s policies, but I do it with respect for his position. He is America, and represents us because we elected him…supposedly because he represents our views. If he does not represent our views, then we need to be a lot more responsible in electing our President and representatives to Congress.


We Are In Another Transition

Presently, America is going through another transition in at least three areas:

  1. A weak economy,
  2. Liberal Democrats who are trying to establish Socialism,
  3. And loss of values in society.

The Economy

A weak economy means unemployment is high and people stop spending money on new homes, new cars, traveling, and other discretionary items. People stop spending when the cost of living goes up and leaves little money for spending in other ways.

Eventually the tide turns and the economy straightens out and settles down. When that happens, the economy grows stronger because people can go back to spending. According to articles I’ve read, when government gets involved in this process, the problem usually becomes worse. When government stays out of it and allows things to work itself out, the damages from a weak economy is minimal.


This is when we are no longer in control our lives but instead, it is what government thinks is good for society. In some ways, Socialism can be a good thing. However, it mostly creates dependence on government and destroys self-reliance.

Self-reliance is demonstrated best by those who came from England and settled in the Americas. They had no one but themselves to depend on, and left behind a government that had too much power over their lives. It was a government that tried to do the same with their new settlements. That did not sit well with the people. To be free of England’s control, Americans had to declare their independence and their right to lead their own lives.


If “We The People” would not expect something for nothing, and if we would not accept dishonesty in our homes, work place, community, business, and even church, then perhaps we would not be lacking the values we do today.

Also, if we would nurture our marriages and family relationships better, perhaps we would not have the extent of abuse and dysfunction in society as we do. In addition, if we would love God and obey His Commandments better, and if we would insist on values being engraved in our souls and the souls of family members, perhaps we would not see the obvious lack of values in government, business, and society as we do today.

The problems we have now are our own fault. If communities would take care of their widows, the poor, the lame, and the needy as they should (as did the early settlers) we would likely not see a loud cry from the people asking government for help in relieving their suffering.

Our Government Today

The biggest problem I see now is a political party that does not appreciate the danger in establishing Socialism as the rule of this land. “We The People” do not seem to understand the problem either.

Here is a hint of what Socialism represents:

  • High Taxation to pay for all the government programs we give away to people who don’t work or pay taxes;
  • More government programs mean more government intervention;
  • More government involvement in personal lives and the choices we have to pursue our dreams;
  • Robin hood attitude: Take from the rich and give to the poor. President Obama said it best when he was a candidate. He said we need to take from those who have a higher income (because they have two spouses working or they’ve worked for an education) and give it to the poor. He said that we should tax the rich at a higher tax rate as well.Where is the fairness in the example described here?

Why penalize those who invent things, invest in America, create jobs, and those who fund government programs through taxation?

Where is the fairness when the poor do not pay taxes but get benefits from programs they did not pay for through taxes?

Where is the fairness when those who are taxed pay for the programs that they cannot take advantage of themselves because they make too much money to qualify?

Well my dear, that’s Socialism!


In Conclusion

The American People are a strong and kind people but they won’t stand for what I’ve just discribed for their government. People have died to protect our rights to be governed by independent Republics and to be united as one nation under God (as a democracy with checks and balances in place to keep it honest).

The problem now is that Congress is not doing its job. They are supposed to set policy (not judges) and they are responsible for protecting the Constitution (not reword it or interpret it as they please).

May Americans become more concerned about the enemy invading us from within our own government, those who appear to represent the best interests of the people. Yet, in fact, they are in it for themselves and their own aspirations to gain power and appease greed.

These people are sneaky and appear to be good but they speak out of two sides of their mouths. One side says “We will do what’s best for America” and out of the other side they say “What’s best for America is what’s best for me and my ambitions.” We’ve seen a lot of this attitude lately.

The truth is that many Americans can see the “handwriting on the wall”! They know our liberty is at risk, and that our way of life is about to change. The face of America will surely become a face of Socialism or perhaps worse. We must comply with this change or fight.

What will you be willing to do?

Are you willing to protect this land from the enemy within?

Are you willing to stand on the side and hope and protect what we hold dear?

Or, will you tell yourself that someone else will have to do it for you?

Also See http://ourdaysreports.wordpress.com/2009/04/13/is-it-rebellion/

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