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Judith L. Sherman

My name is Judith L. Sherman

I had not been very politically minded before 9/11, but I’ve turned into a more informed and concerned citizen since then.

I watch many of the hearings on cable television. In fact I watched intently to the hearings when President Bush asked Congress for support of troops should he deem Iraq a clear and present danger.

I was not pleased at all with what I saw when politicians were exercising their responsibilities. These people were sent to Washington for a reason, to represent our interests. We expect them do do the jobs that we elected them to do. Nevertheless, it seems the problem is that they’ve become career oriented more than they are interested in doing the job we sent them there to do. And now it is even worse today!

I am a true-blue patriot. I love this country and what it stands for. I especially love how we come together in times of crisis, “an attack on one is an attack on all.

In the early 60’s, when I was a teenager, I saw patriotism exhibited in my home and in the homes of my friends. I saw patriotism proudly exhibited at school as well. I witnessed first-hand how teens at school felt about their President when President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, he was the father of their nation.

Then there was the Viet Nam war, and attitudes began to change toward our country and the soldiers who fought in it. Suddenly, people were criticizing the government and demonstrating in the streets. As nasty as some of those demonstrations were at times, it showed the world that we can disagree with our government and affect change. Even our elections show the world that we can vehemently disagree but after the election is over, we support the government as one nation under God.

However, since the 2000 elections, we began to see changes take place in how elections are handled. We saw “The People”, not politicians, collecting illegal names and casting illegal ballots. We saw that electronic voting machines could be manipulated to create paperless results to validate that a candidate had won. We even saw people going to rest homes and casting ballots for people who were not mentally capable of voting for anyone, in an attempt to cast a ballot for their favorite candidate.

Now we see money coming in illegally to fund elections from countries who have a stake in the outcome. In other words, the very foundation of our democracy is being trampled upon by the powerful with backing from the richest people in the world. So much power is associated with the American elections now, that no common person can run for office anymore, unless he or she is the richest of the rich and has the backing of foreign money (such as George Sorrels and nations I do not want to name).

I want America to be the great nation that it once was, but it cannot be as long as it is held hostage by the rich and powerful, and as long as it continues to be contaminated with corruption and evil doings.

This site is my way of trying to bring this nation back to where it used to be. It used to be admired by other nations and admired by its own citizens. But, in order to do that, we must clean up the corruption in Washington and also the corruption that exists in our own minds because we allowed this to happen.

So are you With me or Not?


  1. My screen name is Jack Sprat, from SH, thanks for the link, I think I tried to connect when you left the link for someone else.

    I don’t give my info out on the Blogs normally, but I am glad for the great miracle and “favor” our G_d has shown to you. He does need “harvesters”.

    I just got DSL and am able to do more I live about a mile from Lake Michigan and it’s a bit rural, lots of deer, critters and birds of all colors, but the Tech stuff a bit lacking.

    I’m sure things are better for you now. I worked with a young man long ago and he had stomach cancer he was nervous about a check up and out of no where I asked him if he wanted to pray, so we did, at work. Later he told me that his check up went well and that the cancer had gone into remission, He is a great and good G_d.

    Comment by Terry Blandin | October 8, 2010 | Reply

    • I am so grateful for meeting you as well. You and your wife are special people. Check out my newest site that I’ve just started developing. I was playing with a wordpress name and this name came up as available so I took it but never expected to use it. I was going to delete afterwards but never remembered. Then I decided to make it a spiritual site with Christmas and Easter messages. Now I’ve decided to develop it into a spiritual site. I think you will find it enjoyable. Leave me a comment on it too so I know you visited. Thanks, Judy. My Homesite Blog.

      Comment by Editor | October 18, 2010 | Reply

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