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Despicable Human Beings

I am tired of politicians using racism as a tool to separate people from the Republican Party, TEA Party efforts, and states trying to protect citizens from ILLEGAL immigration. Politicians who do this are despicable human beings and obviously have no conscience.

Using racism as a political tool is NOT “politics as usual”, as some people would have you think. This tactic is way out of bounds of ethical and we need to hold the offenders accountable!

The problem is the Elite in government who believe the peasants (that’s us) are easily influenced. They think that we can be manipulated to believe as they want us to believe and think as they tell us to think. We must inform them that they are wrong.

We are NOT ignorant and are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves. With 24/7 access to the Internet and live reports, we find out what politicians do not want us to know. This is why they want control of the Internet, so they can control the information that we access.

We need to tell politicians who use racism as a tool that we know what they are doing, that we are offended by its use, and that we won’t tolerate it any longer. Even more important, they need to know that we think it is despicable to suggest racism when they know it’s a lie!

What type of person will use the evil of racism as a tool to divide people for political gain? It just goes to show that the Party using it is desperate and feels a need to use everything in their arsenal to reverse people’s attitudes toward them.

Being desperate is one thing, but hitting below the belt by accusing racism when they know it isn’t is shameful. I noticed the Democrat Party started doing this in the 2000 elections. They made claims that the Republican Party were racists because they tried to get in the way of black voters, which was completely a lie.

During that same time frame, I read a report by Associated Press that the Democrat Party told people to make racism claims, even if they had to lie, and say that Republicans tried to prevent them from voting. They stated that, even if it wasn’t true, to insinuate racism was enough.

I was disturbed by this report so I wrote to twenty-five newspaper editors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I asked them to investigate racism claims and the supposed attempts of Democrats to sway votes by making false claims. I never heard a word back from any of them.

Then again we heard racism claims in the 2004 and 2008 elections. Although Obama’s race worked well for him in the 2008 elections, now the party thinks we are ignorant enough to believe race is the reason people disagree with him now.

Since when is it racism to disagree with a sitting President of the U.S.? The answer is, since Obama became President; even though race is what elected him. This just proves that race is used as a tool to persuade people or inflame situations.

Racism is unacceptable from any group of people, especially from politicians. It is an evil that only we can stop! Politicians using it as a tool make it much harder for the nation to get past injustices of the past. This is what makes these actions so despicable.

President Obama being black is NOT what has people upset with him today. They are angry about what he is doing to the country in only sixteen months and about being “hell bent” on fulfilling his vision for America–even though it is against the “Will of The People”. Also, they are angry because Democrat Representatives and the President have stopped listening to constituents.

The way to turn things around is to become informed citizens. Well-informed citizens know the truth and recognize when politicians use “spin” to cover up their deeds or to change the focus; in other words, they play the shell game.

The shell game is used to misdirect the observation of participants and fool them into believing the object (a pea, walnut, or acorn) is in one place when it is some place else. Being well-informed is the only way to prevent playing the shell game, reverse the situation, and change the direction of our nation.

It could very well be that false racism accusations can actually bring people together and bind us as a well-knit nation. Once people understand that race is NOT the real issue and that it is being used to divide us, they will see the immorality of such efforts. Recognizing this fact will hopefully be the demise of Liberal/Progressive Democrat’s reign and allow “Blue Dog” Democrats to surface again.

This is not suggesting that Republicans are the answer to current problems, they contributed a great deal to the situation, or that the TEA Party is an alternative to a two-party system. It means we need to pay closer attention to politics and become more involved, perhaps more than in the past, even when it may not be comfortable for us to do so.

We reached this point because too many of us have been complacent about our responsibilities or have turned our votes into a popularity contest. This type of irresponsibility has to stop! We need to be accountable and do the right thing now to change the situation we’ve created.

One way to be more accountable is to take a stand on protecting the values and principles on which the “Founding Fathers” established this nation. It will help if we remember that General Washington, who became President, said he accomplished what he did through the intervention of a supreme power. It is this same power that we need to intervene now.

Obviously, our nation has gone off track. We need to get back to our roots and adhere to past standards that made us a great and admirable nation. In addition, integrity in politics needs to be restored and choose representatives that hold firmly to core standards that represent a healthy society.

Drawing the line on how far politicians can go will stop the practice of hitting below the belt to win elections and tell past offenders that such actions in the future will be unacceptable.

The Democrat Party being desperate now is a good sign. It shows that they are vulnerable and that they recognize it…not that knowing this will change their bad behavior into good.

The bottom line here is that WE AS A UNITED FRONT must accept our own responsibility and, to the best of our abilities, help ourselves out of the hole we’ve dug before we are buried by the consequences. We owe that much to God, to those who died to give us the freedom we enjoy today, to those who are dieing now, and to future generations.

Remember these things in November when you make your decision to vote, and recognize that how you vote will impact the nation as a whole.

May God bless America, may it continue to be the Land of The Free and Home of The Brave.

May we have the courage to vote according to our conscience instead of by popularity or to grant selfish desires.

May we be given power of discernment so we see through the ploys of politicians and recognize their true intentions of the heart.

I pray that we may have the desire to change and that we will have the insight needed to make the changes that need to be made.

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I Predict States Ceding From The Union

News just keeps coming in almost hourly from Washington.

I have the Fox News Channel on as I work on the computer but I cannot keep up with everything happening to report on for you.

One of the newest reports is 38 States have now drafted law suits to fight back when the Health Care bill passes. They are fighting back for Abuse Of Federal Power. They say they cannot afford to abide by mandates coming from Washington with the passing of the Health Care bill.

Let me back up a little to last night to tell you that the Attorney General from Idaho came on Fox News to say they drew up a law suit against the Federal Government that will go into force when Congress passes the HC bill. We now have 38 states so far that have joined the “Lawsuit Bandwagon”.

The Governor of Arizona came on Fox News today and said they cannot afford it. They can’t just print money like the government can. The Governor said they will have to go to the taxpayers in order to raise the billions it will take to fund the mandates coming from Washington. She said this will bankrupt their state.

Consider these questions:

  • How many other states will bankrupt if these mandates are forced on states?
  • What other recourse will these States have but bankruptcy to comply with Federal mandates?
  • Is it possible that ceding from the union is their only recourse?

Consider these points before you answer the questions just asked of you.

  • Several years back, a man campaigned in Oregon on the merits of ceding from the union for being doubled taxed; he lost.
  • In the past year, we’ve seen jokes circulating on the Internet that Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas will cede from the Union. Even Governor Perry responded to this speculation.
  • Now, with 38 States fighting back, this joke might actually become a reality.
  • 65% of Americans disapprove of the direction we are heading. Most of those will vote to not keep candidates in Congress right now.


I welcome your thoughts. Please leave me a comment.

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I agree with the statements made in this email report that I received from the GOP.

Note the comments made in this report by many important journalist. All make the point that this administration has no regard for the wishes of the American people and believe they know what’s best for America.

After you read this report, please comment and tell us what you think about this and then answer poll questions. Thank you.


Not Listening After Virginia & New Jersey,
Not Listening After Massachusetts,
Not Listening After Failed Summit
Dems Will Try Passing Government-Run
Health Care Through Reconciliation

View This Research Briefing At GOP.com
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Learn More in our Stomping Grounds” Blog


Virginia, New Jersey Elections Do Not “Bode Well For Health Care Bill.” “Looking forward, that could have implications for the President’s agenda. His fellow Democrats could become even more attuned to the rhythms of their constituencies and less willing to risk stepping out of line to further Obama’s priorities when they are not in line with those of voters back home. That may not bode well for Obama’s health care bill…” (Karen Tumulty, “Republican Wins Show Dems They Are On Their Own,” Time, 11/4/09)

CNN’s Gloria Borge On Massachusetts Election: “This Was A National Election … Scott Brown Campaigned By Saying He Wanted To Be The Vote To Kill Health Care Reform In The United States Senate. And He Won.” (CNN’s “Larry King Live,” 1/19/10)

Three Out Of Four Americans Against Congress Passing “Legislation Similar To The Bills Passed By Both Chambers.” “Twenty-five percent of people questioned in the poll say Congress should pass legislation similar to the bills passed by both chambers, with 48 percent saying lawmakers should work on an entirely new bill and a quarter saying Congress should stop all work on health care reform.” (Paul Steinhauser, “CNN Poll: Health Care Provisions Popular But Overall Bills Unpopular,” CNN.com’s “Political Ticker” Blog, 2/24/10)

And Majority Of Americans Don’t Want The Democrats To Use Reconciliation To Pass Their Government-Run Health Care Experiment. “In the survey, Americans by 52%-39% oppose Senate Democrats using the procedure, which allows a bill to pass with a 51-vote majority rather than the 60 votes needed to end debate.” (Susan Page, “Poll: Expectations Lo w On Health Summit,” USA Today, 2/25/10) DEMS MOVE FULL SPEED AHEAD ON RECONCILIATIONJANUARY 26: Dems “Focused” On Reconciliation Immediately After Election Of Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA). “Senior Congressional aides said that lawmakers and the White House were increasingly focused on a plan by which the House would adopt the health care bill approved by the Senate on Dec. 24, with any changes made in a separate bill using the budget reconciliation maneuver. But Democratic leaders are no longer confident that rank-and-file House Democrats would be willing to go along. The victory by the Republican, Scott Brown, in Massachusetts last Tuesday not only denied Democrats their 60th vote, but raised a specter of fear for Democrats over the midterm elections.” (David Herszenhorn & Robert Pear, “Decision Looms On Advancing Health Care Bill,” The New York Times, 1/25/10)

FEBRUARY 8: White House Wanted To Use Health Care Summit To Give Obama, Dems Ground Cover To Use Reconciliation. “It’s also an opportunity for Mr. Obama to reclaim his image as someone out to change how Washington works, to engage his critics and to answer those who say he has broken his pledge to hold negotiations over a health-care bill in public. … The White House now hopes that a better, more public process will boost public support and give congressional Democrats enough confidence to pass the bill, using a parliamentary procedure that requires just 51 Senate votes.” (Laura Meckler, “Leverage Sought In Health Summit,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/8/10)

FEBRUARY 9: “[D]emocrats Hope The Summit Could Provide Them Political Cover To Go It Alone On A Party-Line Vote If Republicans Say They Won’t Provide Any Votes For An Obama-Style Health Fix.” (Carrie Budoff Brown & Patrick O’Connor, “No High Hopes For Health Care Summit,” Politico, 2/9/10)

  • “[I]n Fact, Obama Hopes To Walk Into The Feb. 25 Summit With An Agreement In Hand Between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid On A Final Democratic Bill, So They Can Move Ahead With A Reform Package After The Sit Down.” (Carrie Budoff Brown & Patrick O’Connor, “No High Hopes For Health Care Summit,” Politico, 2/9/10)

FEBRUARY 19: Obama, Pelosi, And Reid Are “Committed To Reconciliation.” “‘They are coming out of the summit guns-a-blazing and they’re committed to reconciliation,’ said one Democratic insider. All three are dedicated to comprehensive reform, but Reid and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are cautioning that ‘it’s going to be a heavier lift than a lot of people expect it to be,’ said a senior Democratic official. ‘It’s going to cause political problems.’” (Chris Frates, “Obama, Reid, Pelosi ‘Committed To Reconciliation’ — Tanden Leaving Administration — Medicaid Enrollment Hits Record 46.8M — W.H. Could Push Fo r Public Option,” Politico’s “Live Pulse” Blog , 2/19/10)

  • “RECONCILIATION IS BACK: Why Bother With The Health Care Summit If Democrats Are Going To Use Reconciliation – A Filibuster Busting Simple Majority – In The Senate?” (Martin Kady II, “Republican Surge,” Politico’s “The Huddle,” 2/19/10)

FEBRUARY 22: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Praises Obama’s Proposal As Evidence Of A Partisan Way Forward Through Reconciliation. “But to be clear, this bill is a 51 vote plan and not a 60 vote plan – that is great news. Democrats wasted a year bowing to the altar of Olympia Snowe, Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson and it got us nowhere.” (Rep. Anthony Weiner, “Weiner On White House Health Care Plan,” Press Release, 2/22/10)

FEBRUARY 23: MSNBC’s “First Read” Blog: It’s Clear Dems Are Using The Summit For “Political Cover To Use Reconciliation.” “The way forward: After the White House released its health-care proposal yesterday, it’s now clear how it wants to move forward: hold Thursday’s televised summit, grab a Republican idea or two and include it (maybe tort reform, maybe something else significant), then have the political cover to use reconciliation in the Senate, and pass the Senate bill in the House.” (Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, & Ali Weinberg, “First Thoughts: The Way Forward,” MSNBC’s “First Read” Blog, 2/23/10)

FEBRUARY 24: Reid Told Republicans To “Stop Crying Over Reconciliation.” “Harry Reid’s got a gift for hyperbole – and it keeps on giving. The Senate majority leader’s latest gem came in response to hints that Democrats might try to use the fast-track budget ‘reconciliation’ to bypass a Republican filibuster of President Obama’s health care plan. After advising Republicans on Tuesday to ’stop crying over reconciliation as if it’s never been done before,’ he ticked off a list of legislative feats he contends were accomplished through the filibuster-busting process: ‘Contract [with] America was done with reconciliation. Tax cuts, done with reconciliation. Medicare, done with reconciliation.’” (Jonathan Allen, “Hyperbolic Harry,” Politico’s “Live Pulse” Blog, 2/24/10)

FEBRUARY 25: Obama Health Reform Advisor Says The Door Is Open For Reconciliation. “Linda Douglass, the communications director of the White House Office of Health Reform, left reconciliation on the table as an option for passing a health care bill if Democrats and Republicans don’t reach consensus during Thursday’s summit. … ‘Certainly if that were not to be the case, he would be asking for a simple up or down majority vote and would certainly hope that the Republicans would not try to block that simple up or down majority vote.’”(Carol Lee & Patrick O’Connor, “Douglass Open To Reconciliation,”Politico’s “44″ Blog, 2/25/10)

  • Dem Leadership Planning To “Press Forward” With Reconciliation. “The top two Democrats on Capitol Hill said they would press forward on health overhaul legislation with or without bipartisan support, which would mean using a legislative process known as reconciliation. ‘We need to have the courage to get this job done, and we will,’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said after the meeting. She said she was hopeful that Republicans and Democrats would work together, but added she was ‘not overly optimistic.’” (Laura Meckler & Janet Adamy, ”More Talk, No Deal At Health Summit,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/25/10)
  • Dems Believe Summit “Made Reconciliation An Easier Sell.” “House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) on Thursday night said he believes that the White House healthcare summit has made reconciliation an easier sell to the American people… ‘I think one of the results of today’s meeting is that the American people fully understand that this bill needs to go forward with a majority,’ Waxman said.  ‘I don’t think too many people are going to quibble if it involves reconciliation.’” (Jared Allen, “Waxman: Obama’s Summit Performance Has Made Reconciliation Easier,” The Hill, 2/25/10)
  • Dems Plan Reconciliation Push “Early Next Week.” “After a brief period of consultation following the White House health reform summit, congressional Democrats plan to begin making the case next week for a massive, Democrats-only health care plan, party strategists told POLITICO. A Democratic official said the six-hour summit was expected to ‘give a face to gridlock, in the form of House and Senate Republicans.’ Democrats plan to begin rhetorical, and perhaps legislative, steps toward the Democrats-only, or reconciliation, process early next week, the strategists said.” (Mike Allen, “Exclusive: What Happens Next,” Politico, 2/25/10)

FEBRUARY 26: Dems “Will Move Forward” On Reconciliation “With Or Without Republican Support.” “President Obama declared Thursday that the time for debate over health-care reform has come to an end, closing an unusual seven-hour summit with congressional leaders by sending a clear message that Democrats will move forward to pass major legislation with or without Republican support. Democratic leaders face a heavy lift in reviving their stalled bill, a process that would involve intricate parliamentary maneuvering and carries no guarantee of success.” (Shailagh Murray & Anne E. Kornblut, “At Health Care Summit, Obama Tells Republicans He’s Eager To Move Ahead,” The Washington Post, 2/2 6/10)

  • Boston Globe: “The President And Democratic Leaders Appeared To Be Laying The Groundwork For An Attempt To Bypass Senate Republicans Using A Process Known As Budget Reconciliation, Which Allows Pas Sage Of Legislation With A 51-Vote Simple Majority.” (Lisa Wangsness & Susan Milligan, “Health Care Summit Underscores Divisions,” The Boston Globe, 2/26/10)

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p: 202.863.8500 | f: 202.863.8820 | e: info@gop.com

You may choose more than one answer.

Can America Afford Democrats/Obama Policies?
I think so.
Not sure.
No, I think the bailout and all the reckless spending is running America into the ground.
No, I think they want to ruin America so they can rescue us by establishing socialism.
No, and I am afraid for my future and my family’s future.

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Divided Nation


Do you realize that we could have a real effect on the policies of this nation and the people around us if we quit complaining about things and become more involved? Of course, that means knowing more about what is going on in the community and government.Cable channels like C-Span, The Fox News Channel, and other unbiased non-network news programs, is where I get my information. I do not trust the media to tell the whole story or all the news, so it takes NewsMax.com, WorldNetDaily.com (WND), Glenn Beck, Hannity, Cavuto, and Bill O’Reiley to give me the news.

We must be informed citizens and willing to make contact with those who rule when we want our voices heard. I include a few addresses at the bottom of this report of a few organizations that help us make our voices known, where we can join in with others for strength.

I am concerned that if we do not unite quickly to stop the divisions forming among us and our friends abroad, we could end up warring amongst ourselves over issues that are beyond our control—unless things change soon!

I see a problem brewing that seems to be growing more volatile as time passes, and it is moving us farther away from each other. The problem is the divisiveness among the American people because Government is not functioning as it should. In some cases, people have suggested that another type of civil war is brewing, because of divisions over hot issues and government parties.

So this subject does need to be discussed here and now. I hope you will appreciate the message I leave with you because we must work together to keep our country safe and protect our type of democracy.

I feel optimistic that we can do this together if we have a mindset to do so and a healthy determination.

One area that concerns me is President Obama and the Afro-American community. So much has been made about him being the first Afro-American/Arab in history to become president. Truly this is a big step in history that caught the attention of people from all over the world. I think this is a great achievement.

The problem I see is that ignorant people make racists remarks about President Obama, still this ugly stuff goes on in our country. Then we have over sensitive Afro-Americans who take offense if someone criticizes the President. This situation is a keg of black powder waiting to explode.

Not every one is going to agree with everything a president does. For instance, I have some mixed feelings about President Obama. I want to support him because we should. He is our President, and if he fails, so do we. I love his cute family very much. He has good little girls and a beautiful wife.

My point is that I do have some concerns about his motives and the decisions he’s been making. Now that should not sound racist or come across racist, but I am sure that someone will take offense to it, even though it is an honest concern. There is no racist connotation to that remark, but such a comment made in the wrong place, at the wrong time to the wrong person could start a riot.

What is even worse is if he doesn’t handle things right and we end up much worse off than we are, no one will want to pur the blame where it belongs for fear of rioting. Do you see the volatility of the situation, or am I making a big deal out of nothing.

The other concern I have is stem cell research, cloning, abortions on demand, partial birth abortion on demand, and so on and so one. We also worry about the fallen state of the people in America and when God lets go His wrath upon the people. We cannot change people or what is set in prophecy from God; He is in charge of what happens.

I believe we still have a say in how we live our lives and how we affect those around us. We all have the innate ability to do this, so I am asking you to please join me in this endeavor. We need you with us! Together, we can make that happen. We need to help each other through the challenges we face right now.

You need to contact the organizations listed here and let them hear from you. These organizations are set up to assist you in the fight to regain your rights. You can contact them by mail; however, keep in mind they may ask for money to help with their causes: The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), P.O. Box 450349, Atlanta, GA 31145-0349. Also, see http://www.aclj.org. Another is Focus on The Family, c/o James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Colorado Springs, CO 80995, 1-800-A-FAMILY; also http://www.family.org; the American Family Association, http://www.afa.net, 107 Parkgate Dr., Tupelo, MS 38801 1-662-844-5036. My web address is: http://www.treasureboxseries.com. You can find these addresses on my site, with information to help you stay more informed on current issues. Furthermore, I also receive e-mails from conservativealerts.com, as well as grassfire.org.

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